Who is in the Film

The featured experts in this film are some of the most important and prominent proponents for economic reform in the UK. A broad spectrum of views is represented, reaching from the academic Professor to the real hands on influences of people like Simon Dixon who created Bank to the future. All the experts are academically qualified in Economics and are the leading UK figures on the understanding of ‘Credit creation’ and its impact.

Who isn’t in the film

We specifically set out not to interview the main stream neo-classical economists, to ensure we focused on the most well read and researched experts on the topic of credit creation. We also specifically set out to interview those at the grass roots, those directly involved in driving change or setting up counter establishments. Big ticket interviews could have guaranteed us a big distribution deal but we wanted the best film possible.

Those that escaped the cutting room floor

  • Josh Ryan-Collins


  • Ben Dyson

    Positive Money

  • Anne Pettifor

    Founder PRIME

  • Paul Moore

    HBOS Whistle blower

  • Nick Dearden

    Jubilee Debt Campaign

  • Prof Noel Longhurst

    Universtiy of East Anglia

  • Simon Dixon

    Founder Bank to the Future

  • Anne Belsey

    Founder Money Reform Party

  • Ciarian Mundy

    Bristol Pound

  • James Meadway


  • Sargon Nissan

    Bretton Woods